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Calling on Artists: Draw Wincest!

What the banner says! You are an artist, you want to draw some Wincest? Don't hesitate to take part to the [ profile] drawincest project launched by [ profile] vongue (Revolution4U on Deviant Art) here on Live Journal. (Just click on the banner above for more info!)

I am busy as hell with [ profile] spn_cinema but I don't care, I SO want to take part to this project! (I have NO idea what I am gonna draw but...I'm gonna draw it )
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Fan Art - Bedtime Stories (Dean/Castiel)

This is just a preview of an art I drew for the 2012 WAFFaton organized by [ profile] tiptoe39.

FOR ONCE, I'm going to ask you some of your time to leave a little comment HERE because ONE COMMENT LEFT = ONE DOLLAR FOR CHARITY, so it's time to be chatty!! (The full size version of the art is available at the WAFFaton thread I gave the link just above.)


Talking about art, I updated my Art Preview post with new previews of my future projects. You can view it HERE!
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Dark Bingo: Horizontal Row

I've just completed my first row for the [ profile] dark_bingo community for the prompts Mutation, Minor Illness, Dissappearing, Heat and Humiliation. Click HERE if you want to see the arts at the comm!  
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Fan Art: Two or three things you don't know about me (Dean & Castiel)


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