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Four Illustrations for Spn Redemption Road

If you want to see my art for the [ profile] spn_redemption community (Dean/Castiel) + 2 speed paintings, just click on the banner above!
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Dean/Cas Big Bang Sign Ups are open

Click the banner to sign up

I already signed up and exactly like last year at the same period, I am very excited. I don't know if I am gonna choose a Spn or an Au summary though. Wait and see!

You can sign up until May 1st if you are an author and August 16th of you are an artist, so don't forget!
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Fan Art - Bedtime Stories (Dean/Castiel)

This is just a preview of an art I drew for the 2012 WAFFaton organized by [ profile] tiptoe39.

FOR ONCE, I'm going to ask you some of your time to leave a little comment HERE because ONE COMMENT LEFT = ONE DOLLAR FOR CHARITY, so it's time to be chatty!! (The full size version of the art is available at the WAFFaton thread I gave the link just above.)


Talking about art, I updated my Art Preview post with new previews of my future projects. You can view it HERE!
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Dean/Castiel Big Bang 2011 - Our Bodies, Possessed by Light - Art Master Post

Read more )
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Fan Art: Two or three things you don't know about me (Dean & Castiel)


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