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Open Heart Dentistry (or why dating Jensen Ackles is like pulling teeth) - Art Post

Art under the cut! )

See you!!

May. 8th, 2012 10:32 am
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See you!!
I'm leaving for a 3 week trip so I won't be a lot in front of my computer (far less than usual anyway) until May 26th. If you need to contact me, you can do it by PM'ing me but I don't guarantee I will answer you right away. (you can of course send me an email if you know my address)

I'm also a little bit late when it comes to answering to your comments (as usual), particularly on my J2 fanbook. I'm working on it, sorry about that!! Preparing this trip was very time consuming.

I think that my art for [ profile] spn_redemption will be posted during that period. It will be available at the comm and on Tumblr. I will also drop by rapidly to post at my main account an art post for the fic Waiting for Jared by [ profile] annie46.

Good luck to all of you who signed up for the Big Bang whether you are an author or an artist

See you soon!
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DraWincest (3/4) - The Ozzy Show

I posted this Sam/Dean art at the [info]drawincest community, you can view the full size version directly at the comm, HERE.
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DraWincest (2/4) - Live & Let Die

I posted this Sam/Dean art at the [info]drawincest community, you can view the full size version directly at the comm, HERE.
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DraWincest (1/4) - Born to Die

I posted this Sam/Dean art at the [ profile] drawincest community, you can view the full size version directly at the comm, HERE.
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Four Illustrations for Spn Redemption Road

If you want to see my art for the [ profile] spn_redemption community (Dean/Castiel) + 2 speed paintings, just click on the banner above!
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Dean/Cas Big Bang Sign Ups are open

Click the banner to sign up

I already signed up and exactly like last year at the same period, I am very excited. I don't know if I am gonna choose a Spn or an Au summary though. Wait and see!

You can sign up until May 1st if you are an author and August 16th of you are an artist, so don't forget!
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Calling on Artists: Draw Wincest!

What the banner says! You are an artist, you want to draw some Wincest? Don't hesitate to take part to the [ profile] drawincest project launched by [ profile] vongue (Revolution4U on Deviant Art) here on Live Journal. (Just click on the banner above for more info!)

I am busy as hell with [ profile] spn_cinema but I don't care, I SO want to take part to this project! (I have NO idea what I am gonna draw but...I'm gonna draw it )
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Fan Art - Bedtime Stories (Dean/Castiel)

This is just a preview of an art I drew for the 2012 WAFFaton organized by [ profile] tiptoe39.

FOR ONCE, I'm going to ask you some of your time to leave a little comment HERE because ONE COMMENT LEFT = ONE DOLLAR FOR CHARITY, so it's time to be chatty!! (The full size version of the art is available at the WAFFaton thread I gave the link just above.)


Talking about art, I updated my Art Preview post with new previews of my future projects. You can view it HERE!
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Happy Valentine's Day!!

A very Happy Valentine's Day to you all if you celebrate it. I'm not gonna do anything special, I think it will just be a poor excuse to eat chocolate and draw some Wincest schmoop art (full size HERE if you are interested).

PS: Cel-shading coloring: NEVER EVER again!!
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Reverse Bang 2011 - Prompt 2 postponed!

[ profile] dragonspell and I should have posted today our fic and art for the 2011 [ profile] spn_reversebang but as you can read it on the banner above, our posting date is postponed from Dec 2nd to Dec 12th. Just a bit more patience then if you are fans of silly robots, ESP powers and great porn scenes written by dragonspell love stories including crazy scientists. 

See on the 12th!
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HC-Bingo Poll Results and Master Post Updated

Results after the cut... )
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Destiel Comic Collab

I signed up to the Comic-Collab Project on Tumblr, a comic collaboration involving Dean/Cas (and other characters if the situation presents itself of course). The mod, Wondersmith draws the first page of a comic and the artist that follows has 10 days to draw the next page and so on and so forth until the end of the sign-up list.

Last date to sign up:   Saturday, November 26; 5:00pm GMT.

Challenge starts on:   Monday, November 28;  (no set time, date might change)

How to sign up: This challenge takes place on Tumblr. All you have to do is to post on your Tumblr a text post with the title "I'M IN" and to tag it as destiel comic collab.

That's really a great idea! If someone could organize the same kind of thing for Sam/Dean, that would be just awesome! 


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