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Welcome to this Supernatural Death Themed Comment Fic/Art Meme and by "death" I mean the absence of life and not Death, the character player by Julian Richings.

You think that Sam dying in Dean's arms in All Hell Breaks Loose or Dean being eaten by a hell hound were the most beautiful scenes of the show? A Bleak Understanding in Reverse, a fic where Sam dies of a brain tumor is one of your favorite stories of all time? You wish there were more art like this one and this one?

This comment fic/art meme is made for you! Don't hesitate to prompt (after reading the rules first)


1. Comment to this post with your prompt. You can leave as many prompts as you want but remember that one comment = one prompt
2. Each prompt can be filled multiple times
3. You can specify if you prefer art or fic (Ex: "no art" or "art only please")
4. Prompts can be Supernatural or RPF
5. Gen or Slash, pure canon or crack fic, etc...allowed. Indicate the pairing in the subject line.
6. Please, no spoilers for episodes that haven't aired.
7. For the RPF, no prompts involving the actors' kids.
8. No "Genevieve-Danneel-Victoria bashing"
9. When a prompt is filled, don't forget to include "FILLED" in the subject line so that I can include your work in the Master Post
10. You can post the fics directly here in several parts or post a link to your journal
11. Don't forget to put the appropriate warnings if needed (non-con, suicide, etc..) but you don't have to warn in this post for character!death, obviously. Feel free to do this at your own journal though.
11. Anonymous posting is enabled, so you don't need an LJ account to play and you can totally log out of your LJ account to post incognito. There are far too many spams so I had to disable anonymous posting, sorry about that!!
12. I know it's a "death comment fic meme" but if we could leave necrophilia out of this, I would appreciate it.

Specific rules for artists

1. Any kind of art is welcomed: hand drawn, manips, vids, pic spams, etc..
2. You can post a preview directly in a comment along with a link to your journal post. No full sized artwork please. Ex. Post a SFW preview of your drawing and a link. Don't forget to include warnings if needed.

Examples of prompts:


- Sam is dying of a brain tumor, Dean witnesses the long agony of his brother before burning his body (inspired by the fic A Bleak Understanding in Reverse)
- Mystery Spot. Dean didn't only died because of tacos. Gabriel was very inventive. Dean died eaten by a giraffe and crushed by a golf car.
- Misha and Jensen were about to get married but Misha dies tragically a few days before the ceremony.
- Danneel can't get over the death of her best friend Genevieve and delivers a very moving eulogy by her friend's grave.


- Genevieve crosses the street and is hit by a car. J2 will now live in a perfect happiness and celebrate the event by eating caviar.
- Thomas dies tragically, etc...

Questions? Don't hesitate to send me a PM!

A big thank you to [ profile] becc_j for helping me to prepare this post.

If you want to promote the meme at your LJ you can do it by copy and paste and the code in the box below! Thank you
very much!




- Oh Death, Come Close My Eyes by [ profile] monicawoe (Gen - Swan Song AU)
- Death Be Not Proud by [ profile] amber1960 (Sam-Dean: Dean finds himself in the role of a reaper, and must take Sam's soul.)
- It's not suicide if we are already dead by [ profile] x_luciole (Sam, Dean, post 7x17)
- It's Gonna Be Ok by [ profile] x_luciole (Sam, Dean. Sam dies and no demon will make a deal with Dean)
- Today's a Birthday by [ profile] sylvia_locust (Gen. Bella. Sometimes birthday wishes do come true.)


- Untitled Art by [ profile] superfire (Dean/Castiel)
- Fade Away by [ profile] becc_j (Young Sam & Dean)
- My Baby Shot Me Down by [ profile] smallworld_inc (Sam/Dean)

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