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Spn-J2-Xmas Exchange 2013 - The Ink Chronicles

Dear Tebtosca, here's your present for the [ profile] spn_j2_xmas Exchange. I wish you Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas in advance if you celebrate it, and I hope that this J2 comic will do justice to the prompt.

[ profile] bertee, thanks for organizing this great challenge and for your hard work. It was a lot of fun!

A big thank you to [ profile] quickreaver too for betaing this comic! You saved me one more time ^o^


Please don't repost the pages of this comic separately on Tumblr, they work as a series. You have the Master Post available HERE


Title: The Ink Chronicles
Rating: PG
Warning: Some bare chest J2 (may be NSFW, I don't know), very brief mention of character!death through a tribute tattoo
Prompter: [ profile] tebtosca
Original Prompt: A turns B into a living canvas via tattoo (can be for whatever reason the author/artist chooses)

The Ink Chronicles

1) Page 1
2) Page 2
3) Page 3
4) Page 4
5) Page 5
6) Page 6

Et parce que c'est Noël, The Ink Chronicles (Peau de Brocart), vous est aussi proposé EN FRANÇAIS! Retrouvez la traduction ci-dessous, oui, oui, oui:

Peau de Brocart

Titre: Peau de Brocart (The Ink Chronicles)
Classification: Tout public
Avertissement: Jared et Jensen quelque peu torse nu ici ou là (non, ne me remerciez pas, c'est Noël, c'est cadeau!), brève mention de la mort d'un personnage via un tatouage hommage.
Requète de: [ profile] tebtosca
Requète: A transforme B en canevas vivant grâce aux tatouages

*Traduction du tatouage page 3: DILLIGAF = Do I look Like I Give A Fuck = Est ce que j'ai l'air d'en avoir quelque chose à branler?

1) Page 1
2) Page 2
3) Page 3
4) Page 4
5) Page 5
6) Page 6

I hope you enjoyed this comic.
Happy Holidays to you all!
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