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2012 Supernatural Reverse Bang - Living Dead Guy

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Welcome to the art post for Living Dead Guy by namichan89, a fan fiction written for the 2012 spn_reversebang. If you want to read this amazing story, you can do it HERE.



A big thank you to the always kind and available maichan and Annie who took the time to beta the comics but also to namichan89, who like Batman, saved the day when my previous author dropped! I really didn't expect her to be my author for the 3rd time a in row! She wrote this story in a very short amount of time so, A BIG thank you!

Thank you to [ profile] becc_j who encouraged me to post this prompt. I thought it was maybe a bit too morbid and I was about to replace it by a rather schoomp prompt before Becc's intervention.

Thank you also to the spn_reversebang mods for organizing this challenge. It's always a lot of fun!


If you don't want to open 25 tabs and prefer downloading everything at once, you can download the ZIP file containing all the artworks on Mediafire HERE

Comic and Art

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Warning: Morbid prompt. Jared steals a body from a morgue. Heavy language. Dark humor.

- Page 1
- Page 2
- Page 3
- Page 4
- Page 5
- Page 6
- Poster Art
- Bonus Illustration

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End Banner
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Fic Master Post Banner

Art Master Post Banner
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Community Banner
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Random Questions

Tools of the trade?

- Photoshop CS6
- Photography (Ex: Jared's watch on p.2, Pearl Jam poster on p.2, Jensen's living room on the bonus illustration) It's basically the same technique I used in my deancasbigbang and in my first RBB prompt when it comes to turn a photography into a line art. If you want to know more, you can check out the tips I gave HERE, at the bottom of my DCBB post)


For this prompt, I was inspired by two things:

1) The great video by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Mary Jane's Last Dance. A morgue assistant (Tom Petty) takes home a dead woman (Kim Bassinger). He talks to her, dresses her with a wedding dress, tries to have dinner with her in beautiful room full of candles but of course, the dead lady doesn't react to anything. After several hours spent with her, Tom finally gives up and carries Kim Basinger through a cave before placing her in the water. That's when she opens her eyes and look straight to the camera.

2) The Living Dead Dolls. My working title for this prompt was Jensen A.'s Last Dance but when Namichan turned it into Living Dead Guy, I knew I had to pay tribute to the dolls by Mezco. (That's the 1st thing I thought about when she mentionned the title of the fic. The collection I have at home helped a bit... ) The dolls are sold in a coffin with a death certificate and most of them are inspired by urban legends or horror movie characters. I copied the style of the dolls for the Poster Art and the community banner.


Voilà! That's it for this year's spn_reversebang!!

See you in two days away, December 6th, for the posting of a 12 page comics done for the [ profile] spn_j2_xmas exchange!
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