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The 30 day OTP Challenge - Master Post

Welcome to the Master Post of the 30 day OTP Challenge. This challenge is inspired by a list posted by Ericandy on their Tumblr. From August 6th, 2012 and during 30 days I posted on Tumblr one art a day following the prompts below. I chose J2 (Jared/Jensen) as my OTP.

I decided to set the action in College so, all the art pieces listed below can be seen as a kind of College AU story featuring Young!Jared and Jensen. For once, I drew something simple (no kidding!). Simple colors, simple line arting, simple palette (the banner above gives you an idea of the art style of this meme). No way I was gonna draw something über complicated everyday during 30 days. I hope you enjoy it. (The NSFW art are tagged appropriately)

1) Holding hands
2) Cuddling somewhere
3) Gaming/watching a movie
4) On a date
5) Kissing
6) Wearing each others’ clothes
7) Cosplaying
8) Shopping
9) Hanging out with friends
10) With animal ears
11) Wearing kigurumis
12) Making out (nsfw)
13) Eating ice cream
14) Genderswapped
15) In a different clothing style
16) During their morning ritual(s)
17) Spooning
18) Doing something together
19) In formal wear
20) Dancing
21) Cooking/baking
22) In battle, side-by-side
23) Arguing
24) Making up afterwards
25) Gazing into each others’ eyes (nsfw)
26) Getting married
27) On one of their birthdays
28) Doing something ridiculous
29) Doing something sweet
30) Doing something hot (nsfw)



Is there a fic that goes with the art?

No, it was just drawn for the 30 day OTP challenge and isn't based on any fic in particular even if it can fit a lot of college!AUs written in this fandom.

I thought that Sam & Dean was your OTP?

I will never be able to choose between J2 and S/D. However, there's a reason why I chose J2: I wanted to draw something cute, something fresh, something happy. If I had chosen Sam and Dean I KNOW it would have been dark, dark, dark even on prompts that can seem pretty joyful. I enjoy drawing death!art a bit too much so you can be sure that if the art above had Sam & Dean in it, I would have killed the boys at least 6 or 7 times. Better some cute J2, huh? ^^

Is there any particular reason why J2 have the numbers 23 and 82 on their respective shirt?

Nope! It's just that I liked those particular numbers with this font. For a question of coherence, the boys kept the same numbers on their clothes until the last art of the challenge but it's just because I thought it looked good. Don't try to find any particular meaning or reference to "23" and "82".

Tools of the trade?

Photoshop CS4. Line art with a hard default brush set to 5px. Color with the paint bucket and a bit of gradients to make everything less boring.

I hope you enjoyed this challenge!

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